In late 1997, a corporate decision to liquidate and divest First Omni Bank’s 1 million account credit card portfolio threatened to end the 15 year career of Tom Kloetzli. During his tenure at First Omni Tom successfully filled key roles in Bankcard Operations Management, TS1 and TS2 Systems and Vendor Management, Portfolio Acquisition Conversions and the “original” TS2 development and conversion implementation.

When First Omni officially ceased operations in April of 1998 Tom, always looking forward, immediately founded TWK Consulting Group and launched the new company. The startup began as a 1 man operation hoping, at best, to keep him and perhaps 1 other employed supporting TS2 initiatives on an hourly contract basis.   He felt a need would develop and mature for these services as TS2 rapidly became the “system of choice” among credit card issuers. He landed his first engagement with Sears MasterCard in late summer of 1998. TWK Group was off to a bright start.

In 2013, 15 years later, Tom’s original model remains intact, successful and often copied by many. In the beginning and for many years thereafter, no other company in the contracting space provided these services. Over time TWK Group has grown and been referred to as a ”highly specialized  niche consultancy “ remaining small and laser focused on the core principal of providing highly skilled and talented “hands on” expertise in the support of all types of TS2 based conversions, implementations and production support projects.

TWK Group has enjoyed healthy annual increases in contracting/consulting opportunities over the years after a very modest start in 1998. More importantly, we have successfully supported TSYS and dozens of their Issuing Banks along the way.

TWK Group survived the financial crisis of 2008-09 when many companies failed. In 2013  consulting revenue to be at an all time high 42 times greater than our first year of operation and double that of the pre-recession boom year 2007. We have grown from 1 FTE in 1998 to 10 FTE Associates in 2013. In addition, we have established an available resource pool of highly qualified future associates available for the next opportunity.

Based on past success and hard work, TWK Consulting Group is poised for continued growth and ready to meet the future challenges in the every changing world of credit card processing.