TSYS Implementations with Proven Experience.

TWK Consulting Group is qualified to lend specific guidance during your implementation and provides similar services for the post conversion production environment.



  1.   System to system data mapping

  2.   Options selection, review and management

  3.   Interface development, implementation and documentation

  4.   System functionality assessment, new development and implementation

  5.   TSYS relationship management

  6.   Conversion approach strategy development and implementation

  7.   Conversion project plan development and implementation

  8.   Conversion issues database implementation and support

  9.   Conversion schedule of events and project timeline development

  10.   Compliance and Audit Control review and recommendation

  11.   Data manipulation and custom programming

  12.   TS2 Consulting


Post Conversion

  1.   New product development and implementation

  2.   Special project management and implementation

  3.   Change-in-Term program review and implementation

  4.   Interface Development and set up

  5.   Balance Transfer/Consolidation Fulfillment interfaces

  6.   Telemarketing Vendor interface setup and support

  7.   Production Support and Issues Management Services

  8.   Total Access support and consultation

  9.   Product Change implementation, support, and consultation


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