TSYS Implementations with Proven Experience.

A major regional Southeastern and Mid Atlantic retail banking institution engaged TWK Group services to provide TS2 credit card portfolio conversion services as they acquired retailed banking outlets. Acquired institutions with credit card portfolios resulted in engagements that TWK Group supported on a regular basis. Over a 3 year period TWK Group converted 7 portfolios and implemented production support services allowing the banks operations staff to have the bandwidth to focus on future acquisitions. During the same period TWK Group performed a processing expense review which netted the bank hard dollar savings equal to all the services paid to TWK Group over the same 3 year period. In the end, our engagement provided real value, resource relief, business plan accomplishment and at no additional cost to the bank. The relationship endures to this day. 

The financing division of a US top three auto maker owned at the time by a high end German luxury auto manufacturer, engaged TWK Group on a TS2 credit card conversion project that had stalled. As a result the conversion date was at risk. TWK’s insight and conversion experience quickly identified critical path, refocused resource efforts, prioritized tasks, implemented action items and moved the conversion forward to a successful on time conversion. TWK Group returned for several more engagements after conversion.

A major leading US retailer starting a large credit card portfolio was having issues getting a TSYS production support unit organized and implemented. Thru a direct recommendation and introduction to the client by TSYS, TWK Group was engaged to provide insight into TS2 production support organization. The result was documentation regarding staff roles and responsibilities, organization and prioritization of tasks, reporting recommendations, benchmarking information, TSYS relationship management consultation and TS2 expense control process and procedures. 

TWK Success Stories

References will be forwarded upon request.

A major regional Midwest retail bank with a Southern footprint was converting from a home grown FDR based processing system to TS2. The bank lacked TS2 knowledge and conversion expertise. TWK Group was introduced to the client thru a direct referral by TSYS to bring “cradle to grave” TS2 subject matter and conversion consultation to the banks project implementation group. The challenging conversion presented many internal technology hurdles and required extensive development on the client side to successfully integrate the TS2 solution. With the successful conversion implemented, TWK Group was retained to provide TS2 production support services to the client post conversion on a repeated basis. The relationship continues to this day.

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